Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Grand Prix Season So Far

Just a quick note to check on here. So I haven't caught much of the Grand Prix season so far unfortunately (I don't have Eurosport on my TV at uni and I do have a lot of work to do sadly!) so I'm not really going to comment on what I've missed. Next week I am working at the British Championships so will get to see a lot of the practices and a little of the competition then, so if I see anything/anyone note-worthy I'll mention it here! I also went to my briefing for my role as a volunteer at the 2011 Europeans - it was extremely exciting and suddenly all felt very "real" but they still haven't let me know what my role is yet! I'm hoping Brian Joubert's personal assistant...hey a girl can dream! There will be a LOT of blogging from me when it gets to the end of January (especially as my volunteers accreditation gets me free access to all the practices!) so stay tuned for that. Hope you're all enjoying the Grand Prix season!