Friday, 6 January 2012

New Year's Resolutions, Skating-Style

So the first few days of 2012 have been spent finding out what each skater's New Year's Resolutions are.

Patrick Chan - Attend the 'Learn to Talk to the Media without Putting Your Foot in your Mouth' seminar as per my federation's 'suggestion'.

Scott Moir - Ditto.

Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat - To continue to have as much fun as we were having when this video was taken. (Ed Note: Click it. It's adorable.)

Brian Joubert - I do not make resolutions as that involves looking forward, and I only ever look back. You all love my return to The Matrix program, non?

Okay, so they might not be real....but Ice Network posted a few proper skating resolutions in this article:

Meryl Davis: My goal is to stop worrying about things that are out of my control and enjoy every day with my friends, family and truly blessed life!

Mark Ladwig: I would like to pay off more debt in the New Year! I got into debt becoming a better skater over the past 10 years. Last year, my goal was not to go deeper in debt, and I succeeded. This year's resolution is to get back to being in the black!

Ashley Wagner: My resolution was to make time for more happy and special moments in my life, since I'm always so stressed!

Michal Brezina: I just want to stay healthy for the rest of the season and for the next one, too! And I'll do all my best for it.

Agnes Zawadzki: I just don't want to have any regrets this year and go for everything that comes my way.

Parker Pennington: My resolution is to spend more time trying to help skating grow.

Evan Bates: I need to clean my room!!!! Ahhhhhh, it's bad.

Gracie Gold: My New Year's resolution was to try to live more in the sunshine and less with the shadows, and to read every novel on the New York Times best-seller list.

Jeremy Abbott: My resolution this year is to make resolutions that I actually keep.

Melisssa Gregory and Denis Petukhov: 1. To go somewhere this year that we have never been. 2. Conquer a new challenge.

Sean Rabbitt: My New Year's resolution is to give back to my community even more than this last year (which might be hard to top after Skaters Care!). I would also like to get better at speaking, reading and writing Japanese, and lastly get to meet lots of new people and make many new friends!

Emily Hughes: I didn't make one this year. I had such a great 2011 -- skating in some shows, graduating and getting a job -- I just want to continue on this path.

Daisuke Murakami: My New Year's resolution is for the people who have supported me through skating to have health and happiness, and also having two quads in my free program for the new year.

Lucinda Ruh: My New Year's resolution is to be a good mother, since I am pregnant with twins! And to continue to inspire people with my book, Frozen Teardrop.

Jeremy Ten: I think after everything that I went through in 2011 and even in 2010, this year in 2012 is all about loving skating and showing that to the world more than ever. It was almost taken away from me, so I hang on to it that much more everyday.

Ryan Bradley: My resolution this year is to spend more time at home with my family.

Piper Gilles: I need to stop biting my nails.
Other skating bloggers have also made New Year's Resolutions, including Xanboni and Ice Charades so check them out!

My New Year's Resolutions, skating-wise, are to post more on Ice Addiction! Life keeps getting in the way but I resolve to post at least every Friday, so if you check back on Ice Addiction every Friday there will be a new post. There's a lot to look forward to in 2012!