Sunday, 22 February 2009

"What Women Want: Champion figure skater Joannie Rochette on Valentine's Day"

The National Post has a short but sweet interview with Joannie for Valentines Day (slightly late I know)

Just back with a silver from the ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in Vancouver, Joannie Rochette needs a break from those triple Lutzes and training for the Worlds in March and the 2010 Games. Maybe some foot-rub tiime with her boyfriend, Olympic-medallist, short track speed-skater Francois-Louis Tremblay on Valentine's Day? The two athletes met competing for Canada at the 2006 Games in Torino.

Q: What don't you want to get for Valentine’s Day?
Joannie Rochette: No chocolate or roses — unless it's a flower he picked himself. I like something that lasts. Chocolates, I'll just eat them, and the flowers would die. Earrings would be nice.

Q: What do you want?
Joannie Rochette: Earrings would be nice. Francois-Louis won't be back in time for Saturday. He's away competing [on the World Cup circuit where he won gold in the 500 metres in Sofia, Bulgaria last weekend]. He's the romantic one. He's a great cook, so maybe he'll make me brunch when he's back on Sunday — crepes and salad.

Q: What do you think you'll get?
Joannie Rochette: I have no clue. No jewellery, though, because he thinks I have too much already. Maybe gloves, because I lose my gloves all the time.

I love her honesty and realism - she's right, the flowers would die. For this, Joannie gets Program of the Day here at Ice Addiction, with her SP from 4CC this year.

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