Sunday, 16 August 2009

Music Clash Round 2

For this next round of Music Clash I've chosen what has to be one of my favourite pieces of over-used music; the soundtrack to The Mission. Many skaters have used this music, especially the Gabriel's Oboe section, but today I'm just focusing on the use of it for ladies' short programs - in this case, between Alissa Czisny and Carolina Kostner.

For me, this one was definitely a runaway for Alissa; her spiral sequence in the program was fantastic and her cut of the music managed to include a lot of different sections without feeling erratic. She also seemed to have a much better interpretation of each part of the music than Kostner and Czisny's program seemed less rushed. But I'm sure many will disagree with me - what do you think?

I've embedded both programs below. I tried to find the best performance of each but Youtube would not let me embed many of Kostner's programs, such as her gorgeous performance from 2006 Europeans, so I had to settle for the one below from 2006 Worlds, which was less successful for her.


Alana said...

Alissa, definitely. Carolina's cut of the music was sort of boring, frankly, and she does look sort of... frantic. That being said, people should definitely watch the performance from euros, because it's way, way better (still not as good as Alissa's, though)

Kate said...

Thanks for your comment Alana; I completely agree! I was very annoyed I couldn't find a version of that euros one to embed as I really enjoyed it even though I'm not personally a Kostner fan. I should add, I also felt her music didn't have the proper tempo change that would have benefited her.