Sunday, 9 March 2014

Ice Addiction - What's Coming Soon?

I thought I would keep everyone updated on what's going to be coming up over the next few weeks on Ice Addiction:
  • A round-up of the World Championships - who's attending, who the hot medal hopes are, and who might surprise us.
  • Looking Back - a series of articles looking back over the career of those skaters who have either already retired post-Olympics or who are looking to retire at the end of the season. I'll be looking back at their best performances, their highest-placed programs and their most memorable moments, on and off the ice. I'll also be looking back over the last season overall.
  • Dancing With The Stars round-ups - two skaters who won't be heading to Saitama for the Worlds are Meryl Davis and Charlie White, who are instead competing again each other on Dancing With The Stars! I'll be keeping you all updated with their progress (my money's on Meryl!)
  • Program of the Day - because sometimes you just need to take five minutes out of your day to watch some figure skating.
And much more! Any suggestions are always welcome - either comment below or tweet me at @theiceaddiction.

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